Parkin’ It

“To live is the rarest thing in the world.  Most people just exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

Our Adventure

My early years were spent overseas in central Africa as a missionary kid.  It’s all I knew, and all I called home when we returned to the U.S. The rest of my childhood was spent in a smaller southern city, with occasional trips overseas.  From my early teens, I knew I wanted to raise my future children in the country, or in another country.  Years later, I find myself living deep in the country, homeschooling our three kiddos, “parked”.

We are in a tiny rural community, but heavily involved in activities in the neighboring city.  It’s the best of both worlds (minus the long commute). Just the other day while looking out the kitchen window, I told my husband “it looks like kid paradise out  there!”  Pool, play houses, the beloved “boat house” (he put in old boat on stilts for them), fishing ponds, trampoline, creatures galore, and all the space they could ever need to run.  

I love the stability of it all.  It’s a homesteader’s dream (and certainly keeps us busy), but we are intentional about time spent.  Lazy summer days or busy spring farm babies – we are together… parked at our safe haven of home.

But…(grass is always greener on other side, uh?) – I am a homebody and could totally stay here forever.  We weren’t made to be hermits – we are made for community.  I need to excuse to get out!

23We started on road trips with a strange fascination with Roadside America oddities. Pictures are taken, every where we go! 

So, during the next season of life, I thought we could start by “parkin’ it” a different way. We still have the safety and comfort of home – but we can get out there and explore more!  Our youngest is now 7 and perfect age for adventure!  All three kiddos are studying U.S. history this coming year, and there is SO much more to see!  We are starting with the SC Ultimate Outsider!  We live in South Carolina which is rich in nature, from the ocean to the mountains. We could spend months exploring  historical sites alone!  We hope to visit all of the 47 parks during one year.

Next year, we will have a fourth grader.  If the Kid In Every Park is funded again, we plan to stretch beyond state borders cross-country!!


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