Landsford Canal State Park – Midlands

Gorgeous!  We visited this park in May – two weeks before peak Rocky Shoals Spider Lily blooms!  It was absolutely breath taking!  One of my “hats” is a former Master Gardener, and I loved it!

Family Friendliness: The kids throughly enjoyed the hike. Every few steps there was another critter to discover and investigate. Scattered along the way were remnants of a canal (hence the name) which made this portion of the Catawba river commercially navigable from 1820-1835.

Facilities were nice – picnic areas, benches along the trails, playground, restrooms, even a gift shop.  The only downfall was navigation. The trail did not match our paper map, and it was very hard to tell where you were at on the trail.  When one kiddo has to “potty”, and gray skies are above, it’s helpful to know your bearings.

Accessibility?  It’s just a hop, skip and jump off the interstate just before the Charlotte area.

Would we go again?  Yes – but only if we are in the general area.  I don’t think we would make a special trip just to go, unless we end up in the river itself somehow.

Overall: 6 out of 10 thumbs up (10 being the “you have to go!!” and 1 being “don’t waste your time”).

Exploring South Carolina, one park at a time!

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