Charles Towne Landing

“To know nothing of what happened before you were born, is to forever remain a child” – Cicero

Charles Towne is a favorite day trip destination for us.  We usually piggy back it with a trip to the amazing Folly Beach or a visit to Angel Oak tree.  It is the most family-friendly park on our so-far list. Nice facilities, animals, tons of historical information, fun events, easy walking trails, museum and lots of hands-on fun.  My inlaws even made the venture once, and that is no easy feat for them.

By far, the biggest hit is always the 17th-century replica sailing ship. Visitors can load onto it, crank the anchor, turn the wheel, scoot downstairs to see sleeping quarters, etc.  Once a year staff actually take it out on the waters to keep it “in shape”.

The park includes a self-guided history trail with an audio tour scattered with detailed statues and tales.

Special events are a great time to go.   My favorite is reenactments. Two of my fellows are part of a group that is pre-civil era, and they just love talking with the reenactors about the history of it all.

The views are breathtaking!

There is also a 22-acre animal forest replicating the natural habitat of species that were in South Carolina during colonial times. You can see bear, pumas, red wolves, bison and more.

Exploring South Carolina – one park at a time!

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