Living History Park

The Living History Park in North Augusta sits near the border of SC and Georgia. It’s not on my Ultimate Outsider list, but definitely worth a stop during special events.

A friend recommended the visit to Colonial Days and I am so glad she did!  I had never heard of the park, and it’s such a treasure. What blew me away the most is 1) it was FREE and 2) everyone there was a volunteer!  They were AMAZING! Everyone was extremely passionate about their role, their knowledge base was awesome, and they never came out of character.

We got there late in the day, but I will definitely go early next time around. There was so much to see and hear, and it put a lot of tangibility to what we have been learning in history.  My husband and teenager both participate in a group of men that are pre-1840s, and both of them could have spent all day with each demonstration watching and asking questions.

Be prepared to stop at a local place for a meal. There were restrooms, but we were in such a hurry trying to soak in all the goodness, I didn’t check them out.

It was by far the best historical demonstration I have seen. We will make the trip again. Check out the calendar on their website for the next dates.

Did I mention this event is FREE!?!

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