Macedonia Lutheran Church Park

Okay – so it’s not a state or federal park or a hike, but it’s a “let’s drive to the end of that road and see what we find” kind of gem!  I am almost afraid to share it because it is so spectacular! Macedonia Lutheran Church has an open to the public park behind it that sits on Lake Murray facing Dreher Island.

First of all, I am a rule follower (my parents may have a smart remark regarding my long-ago teen years, but that’s another story). So, needless to say, I was thrilled to see a sign welcoming folks to stop at this spot – literally dead ending at the end of a long country road.

The church itself was built before Lake Murray was Laky Murray (see the history link above), and ended up with a masterpiece landscape.

There is a playground, picnic tables and gazebo, play areas in the water and my favorite part – an unbelievably beautiful outdoor chapel.  According to the website, they even hold services there often… I can’t imagine the beauty of baptism day or church picnics!  🙂

The whole church is on a peninsula  with two smaller peninsulas in the water to walk out on.

My Little rock lover had a field day looking at “all the beautiful rocks!”.

The grounds are scattered with flowers and the Passion flowers are currently in bloom, leaving the air filled with a sweet aroma.  The property is also spotless… no litter in sight. No one else was there during our visit – just a few boats passing by every now and then.

One of my boys gave me a “sermon” on the fruits of the spirit.

You will also find a couple of statues on the propert along with large wooden crosses. 

Only downfall… no bathrooms.  But that won’t stop us from revisiting… next time we will take towels, bathing suits, a picnic and a few books!


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