Colonial Williamsburg, VA – Day 1

Our crew has wanted to visit the Colonial Williamsburg area for some time now, and finally received the perfect opportunity.  We spent two full days there, and another half  day at Historic Jamestown (post to come).   For lodging we chose a cabin (roughing it, I know, lol) at the historic Chippokes Plantation State Park – it was amazing!

I failed to plan my camera batteries well, but between cell phones, big camera and son’s phone, we were able to squeeze in some pics!

We visited on the homeschool days (bi-annually, Spring and Fall) and paid amazing rates. There were numerous tours, demonstrations and hands-on activities.  My two youngest are definitely inquisitive, along with having no shy bones in their bodies… so needless to say, we spent a lot of time at each stop. 🙂  Most of the staff were extremely patient with their questions, engaged in conversation (or educated “bantering” with the middle child that will argue facts or why something is the way it is! Sigh), and were wonderful with the “can we try??” question – many allowing them to do so. We all walked out of there learning something new and an overall great experience.

Day 1 I did not do a great job of planning food / drinks, but learned more about the rules, etc.  Day 2 I planned better by packing lunches and snacks, which solved a lot of our “hangry” moments.

The thing I took away most is an overall new appreciation for my home state of South Carolina.  I think everyone should visit Williamsburg at some point in time, but it made me appreciate the rich opportunities we have here in SC.  The reenactments were awesome, but you could tell it was a job for those involved.  In SC, the living history events we visit are run by volunteers who have a passion for history and want to share the passion and enthusiasm.  And – with our park pass, they are free.  But – I did thoroughly enjoy Williamsburg, as did my entire crew.  Many states do not have the history we hold here in SC, and it’s a great trip for all!  If I could have added a few more days to the entire area, I would have in a heartbeat!

The Foundry

The Courthouse

“Criminals” receive punishment for their dispute

Outside the Magazine

Demonstrations at the Magazine

The Weaver

Bruton Parish Church

Sundial (one of many, that perfectly aligned with our astronomy lessons)

Tour for Governor’s Place (one of my favorite tours)


The Governor’s Kitchen

Outside / back view of the Mansion

Great Hope Plantation (you should walk from the visitor’s center to get here)

3D map for the village

Public Hospital of 1773 (tough conversations w/ this visit)

We could have spent at least a half day in the museum!  It was amazing!

The Tailor

One Comment on “Colonial Williamsburg, VA – Day 1

  1. I recently traveled to Colonial Williamsburg this summer and loved it! The Governor’s Palace was one of the best tours too in my opinion. All of those swords! Also, the beds seemed so small and yet very cozy (for the wealthy anyway!) 🙂 Sounds like a nice trip!


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