Historic Jamestown 

We absolutely LOVED Historic Jamestown!  It was a great closure to our Williamsburg area visit.

First – I learned that Historic Jamestown and the Jamestown Settlement are two different things. We were searching for the National Parks Service Historic Jamestown and ended up at Jamestown Settlement. The Settlement looked fun, had nice homeschool rates, and was a living history museum, but we really wanted to break-in our first use of the “A Kid In Every Park” 4th grader pass, and we were not looking for an entire day of events (we would have, but we were trying to literally beat a hurricane home), so – Historic Jamestown won the draw.

A favorite at our house and commutes are the YWAM Heroes of History audio books, and we recently finished John Smith.  I think having that under our belts really help put some tangibility to what we learned, and made the experience much more intriguing. (If you don’t know the story of his life, you should definitely read about him!  Fascinating man!  Did you know he escaped being a prisoner of war? Or…).  The park ranger was giving a talk on him and I loved that the kiddos could answer the questions.

The Voorhees Archaearium Archaeology museum at the end was also wonderful… no photography was permitted so you won’t see pictures of it. The kids loved it. They also each had a scavenger hunt booklet and had to seek out answers every step of the way to put in the book. They received a prize at the end for their efforts (and little Jamestown backpack tote) and I think the hunt was the highlight of their trip.

One of my kiddos especially has an interest in archeology, and several locations on site were actively excavating. We observed from a “safe” distance and numerous signs along the way explained what they were seeing.

Near the entrance, the is also a glass blowing house (my personal favorite). You can see the remains of the original glass blowing house and watch demonstrations in a new one.

“Ranger Crossing” (The visitor center had nice educational information)_MG_2463

Turtles, turtles, everywhere!_MG_2471

We enjoyed watching the ferrys that we had been riding all weekend to the cabin._MG_2505


Glass Blowing Demonstrations

You could feel the heat coming off of the furnace!  

Remnants of the original glass house

The kids pose “with” Pocahontas

Part of the scavenger hunt was to participate in sorting fragments from the bottom of John Smith’s original well – one of their highlights!

Memorial Church

3D map of estimated layout of James Fortimg_2735.jpg

Statue of John Smith

1607 James Fort structure

Archaeologists at work

Ambler Mansion Ruins (the kids played “lets count the fireplaces”) 

Tercentenary Monument

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