Colonial Williamsburg, VA – Part 2

More fun at Colonial Williamsburg – Day 2!  Overall – great experience.  If we could have stayed in the area longer, we definitely would have gone to Yorktown, etc.  For our crew, age group, etc, two days was plenty at Williamsburg itself.

Number one advice – ask questions (and pack food!  “Hangry” = grumpy = no fun).  The more you ask, the more you get from the experience.  Most stops originally offered simplified summaries, but my questioning crew kept them going (this goes against every instinct in my naturally shy bones, and honestly, sometimes I stepped out of the room in order to stop myself from having them stop talking).  My husband is good about knowing when it’s “enough”, and kept it in balance).  But – as a result of their questions, they learned so much more!

There we different reenactments each day.  One day we were even taught by “General” how to handle muskets and learn drill procedures!


Wigmaker (the wigmaker herself was in her role so well!!  My daughter’s favorite!)_MG_2306

Cabinet-maker allowed the Littles to play the Harpsichord._MG_2307

The brickmaker offered to have the kids dig in the mud, but I drew the line there (no spared clothes packed that day!  LOL)_MG_2310

More hands-on fun!_MG_2313_MG_2314_MG_2318


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