Ninety Six Historical Site

_MG_2548Ninety Six Historical Site is a frequent pit stop for us.  It’s on our way to several  regular destinations and we like to stop there for short walks, etc.  Occasionally we take the dog along too, but since discovering he gets terribly carsick, he doesn’t join us for long rides as much as we would prefer.  Nonetheless, we enjoy our walks there!


Surprisingly (to me) Ninety Six is not a state park (or part of the Ultimate Outsider challenge), but a federal location. It’s free for all, and has a gift shop, restrooms, water fountains, etc.  The reason we have been visiting there for so many years is the feature of paved sidewalks, which made it extra fun and accessible during stroller days.


Ninety Six, which is named after a town that was burned to the ground during the Revolutionary war, has an interesting history.   Folklore says the town name originated from its location being 96 miles from the Cherokee village of Keowe (not sure if that is true).  It is told that it sat near a vital trading post and several main trails from Charleston, Augusta and the Cherokee.  A couple of other interesting points:

  • It is the site of the first land battle of the Revolution that took place in the southern colonies.
  • It is said the be location of the first South Carolinian (James Birmingham) to die in the colonies fight to freedom.
  • Two battles took place at Ninety Six.  The most visible evidence is the Star Fort.  The original star fort is well preserved and can be seen today._MG_2547_MG_2546

IMG_2842The trail is scattered with informative signs that help explain everything you are seeing.  They are great for teaching the Littles about the site.

The park also hosts periodic living history days, so be sure to check out their calendar.  During these events the outbuildings are unlocked and you can view them along with various demonstrations.

If you are looking for a slightly longer excursion, be sure to check out the other trails, the Cherokee Path Trail (3 mile round trip) and the Goudey Trail (1.5 mile loop).  You can loop all three (5 miles).  I hope to have pictures of the other two trails soon!


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