DuPont State Forest Waterfalls – NC


My crew decided on a last minute road trip, and searched for a random waterfall.  We were pleasantly surprised when found DuPont Forest with three falls on one trail.  Dupont sits close to the NC/SC border, and is an easy drive from I-26 or Caesar’s Head area.  We hiked to three of Dupont’s falls – Hooker Falls, Triple Falls, and then High Falls.  All three were breathtaking and a huge hit with my entire crew!  The leaves are getting close to peak, weather unusually warm (but not uncomfortable), and there was lots of room for exploring.  Even my littlest of legs munchkin made it through the day, and didn’t have any complaints (until the end of the day when we were trying to make it out before dark).  The forest hours are through 10 PM, but we didn’t prepare for being out after nightfall.  When the sun starting sitting low in on the trees, we headed back out to the Hooker Bridge parking area.


Pictures do not do the waterfalls justice – they were wonderful.  The trails were wide and well maintained. There were numerous porta-potties along the trials, and it was a fairly easy walk.  Steep hills & strenuous areas had plenty of places to rest too.  The kids could have spent all day exploring and watching wildlife.

We missed out on a couple of the other features at the forest (Bridal Veil and Glassy Creek waterfalls), but we will be sure to go again.  The smallest of the three falls, Hooker Falls, looks like a great place to spend the day in warmer weather.  The kids were itching to play in the water, and it didn’t take long for the shoes to come off!

(Can you see the Heron in the picture?)IMG_2833

High Falls:IMG_2869

Just before High Falls:IMG_2882

Hooker Falls:







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