Linville Caverns

Awhile back my crew was delivering a round of chickens to a processor in Marion County, NC (FPP – small farm friendly – highly recommend!) and we needed to spend the day in the area to await pickup.  Upon a quick search, we decided on Linville Falls (see my blog on the Falls with pictures) and Linville Caverns.  Our “Littles” were getting older, but we still were not ready to take them to a larger & more expensive cavern, and Linville seemed like a perfect fit.  It seemed simpler than ones we have visited in the past (with bigger kids in tow), a much shorter “hike”, and cost was much lower.

The caverns were just what we were looking for – enough of a taste for the Littles to remember, but not overwhelming.  It was only about 35 minutes, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the gift store at the end.  🙂  One of the neat things is that Linville is one of the few caverns that are partially wheelchair accessible.  If you are a pet lover, you can bring your pet along, provided you can carry them.  They are not permitted on leashes in the cavern.

The kids loved seeing the trout which is actually how the caverns were discovered.  In the early 1800’s, Henry Colton was on a fishing expedition and was perplexed by the trout that appeared to be swimming out of solid rock.  Upon further investigation, he discovered the caverns.  It was a great pit stop!

IMG_9455 - CopyIMG_9464IMG_9465


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