Linville Falls


Linville Falls was breathtaking and HUGE!  The trail we took had four overlooks, but there are several routes to choose from if you visit. I was a bit nervous at first because I had just recovered from an awful cold (and as a result, relapse of asthma), but my lungs handled the hike well.  We took numerous breaks, giving myself a few minutes to rest on each.  I felt like an “old lady” making my crew keep up, but having had a bout of pneumonia in the past, I didn’t want to push my lungs too hard.  It made us slow down and enjoy each view more.  I am thrilled we made the hike – it truly was worth it!

Growing up in South Carolina, I have been to most of the state’s “known” waterfalls.  I was surprised to see such a large waterfall just across the border run by the National Park Service & I had not heard of it.  We were simply in the area on a farm errand for the day (see my post on Linville Caverns) and searched for something fun to do.  Each turn brought a different view, and each view became more beautiful.

We picnicked at one of the many picnic tables before heading out on the trail.  The trails were wide and left plenty of room for all the sightseers.  They were quite steep, so didn’t rush it.  I don’t think our parents could have ventured at this one with us though…would have been hard on the knees.  Regardless, the Littles bounced all the way up, and had a blast!

If you look carefully, several of the photos below have people near the falls, which gives you a nice perspective of size.  They really were massive and are one of my favorite falls now!


IMG_9519IMG_9511IMG_9496 - CopyIMG_9491IMG_9502


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