Oconee Station State Historical Site


I adventured with my crew to Oconee Station thinking I had not been there before.  However, each turn brought back a weird familiarity, and we finally figured out I went there is a child with my family.

Oconee Station seemed a little less traveled than other state parks, but it was worth every step!  A portion of the trail to Station Cove Falls is actually part of the Palmetto Trail (see my post on another portion of the trail here).

Oconee Station State Historical Site is about 200 acres, and features a pond, hiking trails and two buildings, which are opened on weekends for viewing.  It’s an easy day trip with a short hike, areas for picnics and restroom facilities.

One of the buildings was used as an outpost in the 1790s.  Later, a second building was built as a trading post.

The waterfall was a big hit was my crew as well.  To get there, you hike part of the Oconee Station trail, but actually end up leaving the state park and enter the Sumter National Forest.  It’s not a trail for strollers, but not strenuous either.  Just a lot of tree roots, etc in the path (but that made it more exciting for the Littles)  🙂  We had a great visit, and they could have spent all day playing in the creek!


Station Cove Falls


Stairs leading down to water
The trail (watch out for the stumps)





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