Andrew Jackson State Park

I’ve been eyeballing Andrew Jackson State Park for quite some time.  I drove past the signs on I-77 numerous times on my way to North Carolina, but it was never the best timing for a pit-stop.  Finally, we planned a trip to North Carolina and made a planned visit to the park!



We arrived at the perfect time for our picnic lunch.  There were numerous spots throughout the park to eat, but we chose the log-cabin type shelter (and of course I reminded my husband of how wonderful it would be if he built something similar – but smaller – near our fire pit at home, lol!  I am determined to have an outdoor kitchen at home!).




After eating, we walked over to the nearby amphitheater which provided endless entertainment for the kiddos.  We later walked down to the lake and explored the short loop around it.  It was only a mile long, and as beautiful as it was peaceful.

I did not realize beforehand that the park had boat rentals.  Much to the Littles dismay, we didn’t have time for them.   But – they enjoyed sitting in the John boats for their pretend voyage.  There is also a playground on the top of the hill by the lake with additional restrooms.   While the playground was amusing, the Littles still managed to find more fun by roll-racing down the hill!



One of the highlights of the visit (for me), was seeing a correlation between the statue of Andrew Jackson, “Boy of the Waxhaws” and another state park visit – Atalya Castle at Huntington Beach State Park.  Anne Hyatt Huntington was the owner of Atalya (and what would become Brookgreen Gardens) and is well know for her artwork.  She created the Andrew Jackson statue.

Due to poor planning, we missed out on the museum.  They are only open by appointment on weekdays.  But – we’ll return!  I also had a chance to scope-out the campground, which is in a great location in the park.  I have somehow convinced my husband that driving across country next year, and visiting state & federal parks along the way, is a great idea!!!  The result – we pay much more attention to the campground areas than we did before.



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